Gahl v. Aurora Press Release

For Immediate Release


The Amos Center for Justice and Liberty announces that the decision in Gahl v. Aurora Hospital was released this morning by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  

We are exhorted in the Bible to “expose the darkness.”  This case does just that by shining the light into the darkness.  It is about whether the substantive rights (which are written into the statutory Health Care Power of Attorney document enacted by the Wisconsin Legislature) of John Zingsheim and every other Wisconsin citizen, can be ignored by every hospital in Wisconsin, including Aurora Hospital.  

These rights included the basic human right to refuse unwanted medical treatments and to receive necessary medical treatment that was being withheld from a patient in a hospital.  The operative word here being “necessary” was defined at oral arguments as being needed when a hospital has no other life-saving treatments to offer a patient and when the drug or treatment is deemed to be relatively safe.  

Allen Gahl, the nephew, and health care agent under Wisconsin law for his uncle, proved the safety of the sought after drug, Ivermectin, to the circuit court.  Despite these facts, two of the three judges on the District II Appeals Court panel held that Judge Lloyd Carter in Waukesha County Circuit Court had abused his discretion.  In so ruling, the Appeals Court called the substantive rights found in the HCPOA document to be only “instructive and informative,” even though they revealed legislative intent, because they were mandated by the legislature.

Today, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, in a 6 to 1 ruling, upheld the Appeals Court decision that held Judge Carter had committed a discretionary error.  However, the opinion written by Justice Anne Walsh Bradley, crafted a very narrowly tailored decision where the reason for upholding the Appeals Court decision was because the circuit court failed to properly document its legal theory and reasoning as to why Mr. Zingsheim should receive the Ivermectin.  The lone dissenter in this opinion was Justice Rebecca Bradley who argued that the majority got it wrong because the circuit court did meet its judicial burden and obligations.

This holding is narrowly tailored to a procedural issue and will have few, if any, negative consequences for the hundreds of families in the State of Wisconsin and the thousands of families throughout the nation who are hoping to file lawsuits to seek justice.  Their loved ones were killed due to the intentional and financially lucrative Covid 19 Protocols which financially incentivize harmful treatments.   Amos Center for Justice and Liberty represents a number of these families.  These deadly Covid 19 Protocols were mandated by Medicare/Medicaid who worked closely with federal government agencies above, state agencies and hospitals below and a number of for-profit and non-profit corporations who received Big Pharma money and spread their poisonous venom of influence.  The day of legal accountability is coming.

This criminal conspiracy also required concerted efforts of censorship and the timely spreading of propaganda on social media groups.  The traditional television media “talking heads” were also required to convince people that Truthtellers were liars.  These co-conspirators intentionally suppressed the Truth to continue and further the hospital homicides.  By doing so, they along with what is left of the globalist leaning newspapers, played an active role in causing even more deaths through their false information and deceptions regarding Covid 19 and the so-called “vaccines.”  Families have mistakenly brought their sick loved ones into what once were considered life-saving hospitals and have now repurposed them as “death chambers” with significant financial gains for the same hospitals and their administrators.

John Zingsheim lives today not because of Aurora Hospital and its medical staff, but despite them.  It is Ivermectin from an outside source that saved his life.

The Amos Center will continue to help these families and also those families who have lost loved ones due to the killer “vaccines.”  We are here to testify to the Truth of what has happened in Wisconsin and in the United States of America:  a modern-day genocide.  Please continue to pray for us and to support us financially at

Karen Mueller, Founder &  General Counsel

Amos Center for Justice & Liberty

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