Hospital Protocol Injuries & Deaths

Defending Your Rights

Do you believe you or a loved one has suffered injury at the hands of the hospital protocols? Do you believe that your loved one passed away due to hospital Covid protocols?

Too many of our friends and our loved ones have suffered, been imprisoned in our hospitals, denied life-saving treatment and instead placed on the deadly NIH protocol, put in isolation, deprived of food and water, tied to the bed, psychologically abused, draped in plastic while alive, experimented on without consent, and even given treatments expressly forbidden in their living will, while desperate families and Power of Attorneys and Police were denied access to help them. And even now after the funerals of these precious souls, the perpetrators hide behind a shield of immunity.

"Think about the enormity of that statement: 'Get them out of the hospital in order to save their lives.' This is truly unprecedented in my lifetime and my medical career."

— Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, founder of Truth For Health Foundation

"As medical Power of Attorney, I'm responsible for the life of another...I was literally carried out in handcuffs under color of law. I was assaulted under color of law. I was deprived access to their health records. I was deprived access to them. And I was lied to. But that's absolutely nothing compared to what happened to Chuck...'The [Provider] deprived Chuck of nourishment and hydration for 6 days except one bag of de fide water.' Chuck later shared that his tongue felt like it had spikes on it. He asked the nurses for even one sip of water and they refused. "They experimented on Chuck with an investigational drug called baricitinib... without knowledge or consent."

— Ali Schultz, JD, founder of Hands for Health and Freedom.

"Our Covid Units at our hospitals (as well as those Nationwide), the majority of them are closed units, so we don't get to see what's going on within these Units."

— World renowned Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough

After American hospitals implemented Dr. Fauci's directive to use Remdesivir, multiple doctors/hospital administrators said, "We've never seen a respiratory virus do this. We've never seen a respiratory virus start attacking the kidneys, causing such severe, acute kidney failure by day 3, 4, and 5 of treatment. We're short on ventilators, but we're not just short on that - we're short on dialysis machines."

"The Prep Act says you can do something that's unlawful, you can do it knowing it's going to harm people or kill them and you won't be charged with anything as long as you're following orders under HHS [Health and Human Services]."

— Pharmaceutical Analyst Karen Kingston

"We go back to Nazi Germany and the Nuremberg Trials and two famous trials were The Justice Trials and The Doctor Trials. And that's because, without those two groups, the Holocaust could not have taken place."

— Attorney Karen Mueller

Those who'd committed crimes against humanity by experimenting on people against their will in the concentration camps during WWII, culminated in the Nuremberg Trials. These perpetrators had the audacity to plead innocent because, according to them, they were following orders, and not technically breaking any laws. However, they were justly condemned GUILTY under the higher law, "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God" and received the earthly consequences for their crimes against humanity as they were sent into eternity to receive their eternal consequences for their crimes against humanity.

It seems surreal that this is happening in American hospitals, and yet there are so very many stories to choose from. Here are some heartfelt testimonies in the links below from their families, and are only five of the many people that should be remembered. Let them not have died in vain, share their videos to propel us to save other people's lives.

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Attorney Karen Mueller's 12/13/22 Crosstalk VCY America national radio interview about the Allen Gahl v Aurora Health Care case to save the life of John Zingsheim.

Remdesivir Nightmare: "I Absolutely Blame the Hospital for His Death"

Del Bigtree sits down with two widows whose husbands lost their lives while on the same COVID-19 treatment protocol at Beaumont Hospital in Michigan. 1 hour

Making a Killing: Umasking the Truth Behind Deadly Hospital Protocols

Two ladies share the intimate stories of the one losing her husband and the other her mother to the deadly NIH protocol.

The Fight for Grace

When Scott Schara admitted his special needs daughter, Grace, to the hospital with mild symptoms from Covid-19, nothing could have prepared him for the tornado of events that would lead to Scott and the Schara family losing the light of their lives.